Video andalucian DH champs by 203mm

We leave the video that we made in last year's Andalucia Downhill Championship 2013, held at the new Bike Park of Sierra Nevada and valid for Bull Bikes Cup 2013. A resounding victory for Moises Navarrete and a circuit that took center stage for the numerous punctures were the main characteristics of this race.
A peculiar group song called Everything Everything Cough Cough, certainly not leave you indifferent, you either love or hate.

Video and results from DHU Santo Tirso 2013 by Bernardo Joao

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On July 7 HUD has taken place in Portugal Santo Tirso, a Downhill Urbano with a high level of participation and significant support and deployment by its organizers and sponsors. Something we are not used in the Spanish national scene.
With José Manuel Borges vicotorias elite, followed by the Junior Gil Nuno Azevedo and Valerio Marques Mendes Machado in the same second, it was a competition rather than adjusted. We leave the results Scratch and video that has been carefully worked Joao Bernardo, hilarious, showing us what that looks like the circuit and the great event which is to Santo Tirso.


Video Fort William DH WC 2013 by Salva Moreno

Salva Moreno from The bike shuttle, has flight to Fort William and filmed a video of the UCI World Cup that took place 2 weeks ago. A great video with interviews, nice shoots of the race and a great post-production work. Congrats mate!!
P.D. As you might know, Salva runs "The Bike Shuttle" a bike oriented travel agency based on Málaga (South of Spain) If you want to ride the same trails that guys like Minnaar, Danny Hart and the Athertons ride during their pre-season, just drop him a line at 

Video Money For Trick Street Series 2013 Teaser

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Fernándo Marmolejo, is in charge of a new project. A new BMX comp in a new and original taste. No pressure here, just ride for fun and money!

MFT cartel 203mm

Money For Trick Street Series 2013 se celebrará en 3 Ciudades:
Barcelona (6JULIO) - Madrid (27JULIO) - Sevilla (5OCTUBRE).

4500€ divided by 3 cities (1500€/City). More than 100 tricks with a 5€ prize. Top 3 + Best Trick Price Money . SIN INSCRIPCIÓN. Credits  RideToFuck Javi Benito Daniel Lacalle, True Diego Navarro and Fernando Marmolejo


Video 4X ProTour 2013 at Szczawno-Zdroj

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4x ProTour video pinkbike
Pinkbike Video produced by the first test of 4X ProTour 2013 in the Polish city of Szczawno-Zdroj. A great device to hold the first round of the ProTour and in a circuit, considered one of the best in the world, set the bar very high for future editions.
4x pro tour 203mm 1
On Thursday riders began arriving from all countries and although the track was in perfect condition, the weather and the rain prevented accompanied to enjoy the first practice session was scheduled for Friday. So all begin on Saturday with all facilities in perfect condition.
4x pro tour 203mm 2
Saturday dawned with spectacular sun and began with an acknowledgment walk the circuit where each of the analyzed corridors which was the ideal line for your style. In some areas it was still muddy penalize times in qualifying rounds Saturday afternoon and where local riders, proved to be a benchmark in its favorite spot.
4x pro tour 203mm 6
In the women was Katy Curd which made ​​the fastest time, which made ​​it clear that today no longer exists much difference between the times and aggressiveness of the riders from that of men. Lucia Oetjen finished second and Celine Gros finished third. Getting hit in the head Helene Fruhwirth, not allowed to participate in the rest of the competition scheduled for the weekend and we hope she is  fit for the second round.
4x pro tour 203mm 3
In men was Tomas Slavik which performed the best time proving that this year will be a great reference. In second place was Michal Prokop and Scott Beaumont in third. The main character was a great dual of 15m length, where not everyone was able to shoot and this made ​​the difference in many of the times.
4x pro tour 203mm 8
With emotionally charged semifinals, including a photo finish that allowed the final pass Derbier demonstrated the spectacular and unexpected it can be a competition every inch 4X. A terrible fall caused Lewis Lacey suffered a shoulder injury and is temporarily out of the competition.
4x pro tour 203mm 5
A spectacular final round with Slavik, Beaumont, Derbier and Prokop, made ​​every one of them should feel the skin on the circuit. Finally not a cut in the first corner by Prokop and Beaumontd error, made ​​the victory away to Slavik, followed by Prokop, Beaumont and Derbier.
4x pro tour 203mm 7
Females participated in the finals Katy Curd, Oetjen, Gros and Monika Hrastnik. Katy made ​​a very clean and simply drop simply do not look back, being the runner ROSE BIKE clear winner of this test, Gros Oetjen second and third.
A spectacular edition that leaves everyone waiting for the next to be held in Fort Williams next June 8. You can see the rest of the photos in the Flickr de Charlesthetog.

Video Marcelo Gutierrez onboard Gouveia DHI 2013

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While we're working on our video edit of the Gouveia Race we bring a video onboard of Marcelo Gutierrez.
Marcelo Gutierrez from Giant Team, did an awesome run for the win. He shows that he is in excellent fit. It looks like he felt into the Red Bull pot before his run. Also hi's showing excellents skills in his new team at the begining of the seasson. Keep an eye on our site, 'cause we've an interview with him ready to go in the next days.

Big Ride Open Enduro Big Ride 2013 Regulation

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Are you going to participate in the Open Enduro Spain 2013 and you're not sure how it works, you have no excuse. We leave the full Regulation Spanish Cycling Federation that will be implemented in the various venues of the Big Ride 2013. The basic rules you name them here and attach a file with the other information.
We will attend to all our new equipment and document 203mm Team Enduro races as they deserve. The basic rules are:
- Removal of number, control and chip card will be held in the race office.
- Federated Runners must leave their federal license in escrow to remove the chip. The federation should not leave 5 euros, repayable once the chip is delivered.
- Categories will be Elite, sub-23, master 30, master 40-50, cadet, junior and women. 
- The official clasifications will be shown 24h after the race. 
- At link stages it's forbidden external support. 
- Gear, carefully read Article 6 is mandatory hard helmet, gloves, knee pads for enduro races. Manzaneda Should be mandatory full face helmet on avalanche races.
- The race office will be open both saturdays and sundays race days 
- The tracks will be shown on Saturday
- The prize will be 2.000 euros.

Vigo Bike Contest 2013 Interview to Cedric Gracia

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This guy is not human and were glad to see that Cedric Gracia  climbs to the top of the Mondraker Series held at the Vigo Bike Contest 2013. Neither injuries or slumps or a typhoon can stop Cedric and from 203mm commend him greatly for his impressive recovery.
A really extreme enduro edition with about 200 participants, is really a more satisfactory figure considering that coincided with International DH Gouveia. Located in the mountains of Coruxo and times of heavy rain, there were five special stages where the winners were: Antonio Perez Dacosta in the 1st, José Borges in sections 2, 3 and 4 and the 5th qualifying was Frenchman Damien Oton which performed the best time.
We leave the general classification and an interview by the organization to Cedric Gracia after the victory in Vigo.

2013 Trickon action awards

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For reasons of distance and other commitments, we have been unable to personally attend the Action Awards 2013 organized by Trickon. Themselves is the press release published below, with the final list of winners and some photos. The Spanish National Freestyle Party looks healthy and we're sure that it will be bigger and greater next year. Congrats for the great work Trickon!.

Premios Action 2013 Marcos Heredia

With great success in attendance that caused some delay and some waiting time at the entrance, opened the 2013 Action Awards with a  speech Trickon Director Marcos Heredia.

Premios Action 2013 Filmer

Sport after sport, beginning  with BMX and ending Windsurfing, there were delivered  different trophies and prizes to the best brands in each category. They also wanted to recognize the work of those behind the lens  : Filmers and Photographers. Both the public and the jury chose one from each category.

Premios Action 2013 Filmer publico 2

Among the winners was the photographer Sebas Romero given another year the Jury Prize for Best Photographer Freestyle 2013, while Sergio Garcia received the Audience Award for Best Photographer 2013.

Premios Action 2013 Fotografo publico

And in between, many things we do not want to forget and which were spot on for the  success of the event: a DJ playing in changing discipline, presentation videos of the finalists for Pro Rider of the Year, Rookies with a smile from ear taking the stage to earn Sony headphones  and Action Cam for all other winners, Arnette glasses for all, G-Shock watches, New Era caps, protections FUSE, vouchers Martorelles Moto Club, Surfrider Foundation's support, the Monster Girls delivering prizes, free Desperados beer , animators inviting Jägermeister shots, doing media interviews, the photocall to bursting, screaming, cheering, reunions, hugs ... All summed up in one word: unforgettable.

Premios Action 2013 Rider Pro MTB Dirt

Pro rider of the year:


  • Daniel Peñafiel ‘Naran’ / Burgos / 24 años
  • Sergio Layos / Madrid / 27 años
  • Nil Soler / Igualada / 20 años


  • Jose Miralles / Sentmenat / 30 años
  • Edgar Torronteras / Barcelona / 32 años
  • Antonio Navas / Lleida / 29 años


  • Noah Albadalejo / Andorra / 20 años
  • Scotty Jordan / La Massana / 19 años
  • Luka Melloni / Barcelona / 22 años


  • Aritz Ortega / Bilbao / 22 años
  • Michel Prado / Barcelona / 22 años
  • Carlos Bernal / Barcelona / 22 años


  • Patrick Blanc / Castelldefels / 17 años
  • Álvaro Onieva / Málaga / 25 años
  • Gonzalo Alcazar / Murcia / 17 años


  • Oriol Gálvez / Barcelona / 17 años
  • Axel Serrat / Barcelona / 25 años
  • Maitane Rascon / Pamplona / 21 años

MTB Dirt Jump:

  • Xavier Pasamonte ‘Sherwy’/ Barcelona / 22 años
  • Andreu Lacondeguy / Barcelona / 24 años
  • Joan Carles Renom / Alella / 24 años


  • Jesús Fernández / Barcelona / 35 años
  • Javier Sarmiento / Vitoria / 32 años
  • Danny León / Móstoles / 18 años


  • Martí Avilés / Barcelona / 20 años
  • Juanlu González / Jerez de la Frontera / 21 años
  • Raúl Sánchez / Torremolinos / 24 años


  • Queralt Castellet / Sabadell/ 23 años
  • Bernat Ripoll / Barcelona / 21 años
  • Pablo Aristeguieta / Madrid / 30 años


  • Kepa Acero / Getxo / 33 años
  • Aritz Aranburu / Zarautz / 27 años
  • Pablo Guitérrez / Somo / 31 años


  • Jordan Elizondo-Darwin / Marbella / 17 años
  • Paula Maciá / Barcelona / 14 años
  • Luis Navas / Mataró / 35 años


  • Víctor Fernández / Almería / 28 años
  • Aleix Sanllehy / Barcelona / 23 años
  • Albert Pijoan / Las Palmas de Gran Canaria / 29 años

Rookie del año:

BMX: Bea Ibañez / Castellar del Vallès / 17 años

FMX: Marc Piñol / Lleida / 20 años

Freeski: Carlos Aguareles / Sant Julià de Lòria / 15 años

Inline: Lluis Martínez / Maó / 17 años

Kite: Rafael Vilches / Puerto de Santamaría / 23 años

Longboard: Alfred Cano / Barcelona / 24 años

MTB Dirt Jump: Gerard Avecilla / Sant Antoni de Vilamajor / 17 años

Skate: Carlos Neira / Sevilla / 19 años

Skim: Lluis Mateos / Badalona / 17 años

Snow: Mario Prestel / Madrid / 12 años

Surf: Natxo Gonzalez / Plentzia / 17 años

Wake: Victor Gallego / Barcelona / 24 años

Windsurf: Emilio Galindo / Cádiz / 28 años


El mejor FOTÓGRAFO –premio del público- es: Sergio García / Villapresente / 34 años

El mejor FILMER –premio del público- es: David Mendez / Madrid / 39 años

El mejor FOTÓGRAFO –premio del jurado- es: Sebas Romero / Barcelona / 

El mejor FILMER –premio del jurado- es: Mito Echevarría / Barcelona / 27 años


El Rider del año –premio del público- es: Jordan Elizondo-Darwin


Premios Action 2013 familia


Vigo Bike Contest 2013 schedule

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vigo bike contest 2013 cartel 203mm

The Vigo Bike Contest is growing year by year and the 2013 comes with new features. The city of Vigo, in the place of Fragoselo, will host the 14th edition of this show. It will have four tests: Cross Country, Mini DH, Kedada PumpTrack and the icing on the cake will be: the Mondraker Enduro Series.

programa vigo bike contest 2013 203mm

We are left with this digital publication to catch the thing that comes the next weekend. Interviews, favorites and more on the publication.

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