Video andalucian DH champs by 203mm

We leave the video that we made in last year's Andalucia Downhill Championship 2013, held at the new Bike Park of Sierra Nevada and valid for Bull Bikes Cup 2013. A resounding victory for Moises Navarrete and a circuit that took center stage for the numerous punctures were the main characteristics of this race.
A peculiar group song called Everything Everything Cough Cough, certainly not leave you indifferent, you either love or hate.

New 203mm DH TEAM with Dani Olarra and Marko Fernández

Some months ago we started to design how do we want to be our 2013 Downhill Team. Today is the day to present the 203mm 2013 Downhill team. New riders, new sponsors, more energy, this is the philosophy. 
cabecera team 203mm dh
We had a big list of candidates for join the team, and finally we could sign our favorites ones.  Regardless of the outcome, we are very pleased to have riders that convey what is essential for us in the world of Downhill, respect, personal growth and desire to have fun on the bike.
Dani Olarra has been for us the revelation rider in 2012 and although his race wins from afar, over the past year has become one of the most promising young national DH rider winning almost everything in cadet category 2012. We emphasize in their triumphs, be the Champion of Spain Cadet and Euskadi Cadet Champion. Certainly, for us it is a great pleasure to have Dani Olarra, both for quality within the circuit, and its great way to be outside and thank him enormously his confidence in this year 203mm.
dani 203mm 1
Marko Fernandez is our new Andalusian recruit for this year, his career is long and extensive where we highlight among many merits, it has been the best Andalusian ranked at the Spanish Cycling Federation 2012 chart, and his extensive experience in racing the UCI World Cup including  South Africa race last year. For us it is very important to try to support local riders and we are very happy to do so with a rider like Marko Fernandez.
marko 203mm 1
Really this project would not have been possible without the collaboration of the components brand Spank both internationally and through its distributor in Spain Melic Bikes and Scott-Sports Bikes.
sponsors 203mm 1
Having recognition from USA for a brand like Spank, is something that we are excited for because we are fans for many years of this brand for the quality of its components, such as aesthetics and manufactured product line. Wheels, handlebars, grips, stems, pedals, will be part of the technical support that we receive from the U.S.A equipment brand and its spanish distributor Melicbikes.
There's really little we can say about Scott, we are aware that without the support of this great brand 203mm project would not be possible. The result of this collaboration has been to address the project Team DH 203mm and can unify the efforts by both sides and creating a solid platform with the spectacular bike Gambler 2013. Having a bike of this caliber is really a treat, and as you can see in the photos, with Spank components in blue it looks rad.
We want to thank Antonio Ortega for the trust given to us every day and Scott for making us feel part of their family. Many thanks to all who have made ​​this project possible.

Video test Commencal Supreme FR - Spin the Life

compo commencal
Here it is our Commencal Supreme FR test with our opinions and the one from the rider: Rubén Pascual.
At first sight of the Commencal Supreme FR Marzocchi, the first thing that highlights over his clean lines are its oversized bearings, giving the assembly formed by the Commencal Supreme SystemContac EVO matte light green frame and fork Marzocchi 66 RCV matching a consistent and attractive look. One can imagine a bike designed to withstand bikepark trot. Its 180 mm of travel in both axes and geometry somewhat less radical than the Supreme DH confirmed our thoughts.
Geometry and Frame

The soul of the Commencal Supreme is the Supreme Fr frame that shares with the entire freeride 2013 range. A frame made ​​of triple butted 7005 aluminum with Commencal's NEC and Ultra XTRM technologies. Thankfully, all anchors are commensurate with the current Standart industry: ISG05 system leads to the chain guide, a width of 83mm bottom bracket and 150x12 rear axle. The headset is tapered in 1 "1/8/1.5".

The geometry is more relaxed than its big brother the Commencal Supreme DH. The steering angle remains at 64 ° versus 63 ° of the DH version. The length of the upper tube remains in 581mm in size M while the wheelbase length is 1162mm and chain stay length is 437mm. These dimensions make the Supreme FR a bike very agile, in the words of our tester rider Rubén Pascual "this bike is a real machine at curvy trails."
commencal amortiguador 2
The Commencal Supreme FR Marzocchi implements the Contact System EVO suspension system. We had the pleasure of testing on the Commencal Meta SX and is nice to see this system adapting to other models of the brand.
commencal fork
The front fork is provided by Marzocchi with the 66 RCV with 180mm travel and carries a special setup made ​​based on the desires of Commencal for this model. We love to see a Marzocchi (some started the orange BomberZ1 DH) in the first line again. The fork has settings for controlling the spring compression, rebound and air and coil preload. It's easy to achieve a setup that suits or riding style. On the negative side, the weight of 3183 gr makes it hard to pull it when maneuvering, but this aspect is offset by its high stiffness and showing poise at high speeds despite being a single plate fork .
commencal amortiguador
The Responsible for managing the rear suspension is a Marzocchi Rocco R coil damper that we did not like at all. This shock doesn't seem to arrive to exploit all the qualities of the Contact System that we were able to enjoy the Meta SX or riding the Supreme DH.

We had to open all the rebound to make its rebound faster and adapt it to our style of riding. This aspect left us with no more room to maneuver in terms of changing the settings. No doubt we would have liked to use a damper with more setting possibilities. In return, the bike shows pedaling exceptional qualities.

The Commencal Supreme FR Marzocchi comes mounted with Commencal stem, handlebar, seatpost and saddle, offering a good balance in terms of quality. Puts brakes with Formula RX with 203mm discs, though shot gave no problem. Sram X7 shifters, while the rear mech is given by Sram X9. In this respect, this is one of the best group sets available out there and its operation is reliable and unquestionable. Alex Rim Tires mounted on bushings Commencal make a solid set topped by Maxxis Minion 2ply covers. The assembly weights around 19 kg with pedals.
commencal trasera amortiguador
The first feeling on the bike was little sensitivity compared with a downhill bike, somehow caused by the Marzocchi Rocco shock. However, its excellent chassis provides greater control on bends and jumps, facilitating acquire inertia and pick up speed fast by pumping or squeezing the bike on the berms.

commencal trasera
We believe that a very positive aspect that we wanted to reflect on these lines is that all Commencal bikes are very balanced in all its components and their behavior. The Commencal have something special that you feel as you ride in one of them, an invisible seal that makes the difference and it's easy to recognize as you get on one of them. It's easy to find them comfortable on the first ride and quickly you are looking your limits and riding fast.
commencal front
If we had to qualify the Commencal Supreme FR with an adjective, it would be explosive. Is explosive pedaling, explosive in and out of corners and berms, explosive in his concept of fun and Freeride bike.

The Commencal Supreme FR is a 100% bikepark bike, with great stability at high speeds but very agile, it enjoys jumps and bermed corners and if you can put a slightly larger gear, you will be surprised with its pedaling abilities.  
Here's a video edit we shoot while we were testing this machine. We've been very critics with the actual financial an social crysis that we're living in Spain.


ShowReel 2012 by 203mm

Once 2012 is finished, we took a look back to last season with a year of pictures and videos in this ShowReel 2012. Thank you to all the people that's been in front of our camera, and thank you all of you who watch our videos and read our website, pushing forward our lovely sport.
In 2012 we've seen through our lens many of the top international riders of extreme mtb. We started the year with the legend Brian Lopes and we ended it with Dirt Master Sam Pilgrim. Between them, we had the pleasure to chat and shoot Tracy Moseley, an old friend of 203mm Mr Cedric Gracia, the Urban Downhill master Filip Polc, The one and only Andreu Lacondeguy, the 5 times Spanish Champion Bernat Guardia, The Spanish Pinner Iván Oulego, Scott Riders Xavier Pasamonte "Sherwy" and Antonio Ortega, the present and future of Spanish DH scene Edgar Carballo, Pol Romero, Marko Fernandez, Iraitz Etxebarria, our friends Krazy and Rubén Pascual and our 203mm team riders Moisés Navarrete, Willy and Carlos.
We have to say a big thanks to our 2012 sponsors: Scott, Badfish, Commencal, New School Bikes, Trek and Oneill. Soon, we'll welcome the new international sponsors for the 2013 season. We advance that there are big surprises and we're proud of the fact that some of the biggest international brands follow our work and trust in us for the 2013 season. Keep an eye on these pages for the upcoming news.

Press play and enjoy!!!
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