Video 4X ProTour 2013 at Szczawno-Zdroj

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4x ProTour video pinkbike
Pinkbike Video produced by the first test of 4X ProTour 2013 in the Polish city of Szczawno-Zdroj. A great device to hold the first round of the ProTour and in a circuit, considered one of the best in the world, set the bar very high for future editions.
4x pro tour 203mm 1
On Thursday riders began arriving from all countries and although the track was in perfect condition, the weather and the rain prevented accompanied to enjoy the first practice session was scheduled for Friday. So all begin on Saturday with all facilities in perfect condition.
4x pro tour 203mm 2
Saturday dawned with spectacular sun and began with an acknowledgment walk the circuit where each of the analyzed corridors which was the ideal line for your style. In some areas it was still muddy penalize times in qualifying rounds Saturday afternoon and where local riders, proved to be a benchmark in its favorite spot.
4x pro tour 203mm 6
In the women was Katy Curd which made ​​the fastest time, which made ​​it clear that today no longer exists much difference between the times and aggressiveness of the riders from that of men. Lucia Oetjen finished second and Celine Gros finished third. Getting hit in the head Helene Fruhwirth, not allowed to participate in the rest of the competition scheduled for the weekend and we hope she is  fit for the second round.
4x pro tour 203mm 3
In men was Tomas Slavik which performed the best time proving that this year will be a great reference. In second place was Michal Prokop and Scott Beaumont in third. The main character was a great dual of 15m length, where not everyone was able to shoot and this made ​​the difference in many of the times.
4x pro tour 203mm 8
With emotionally charged semifinals, including a photo finish that allowed the final pass Derbier demonstrated the spectacular and unexpected it can be a competition every inch 4X. A terrible fall caused Lewis Lacey suffered a shoulder injury and is temporarily out of the competition.
4x pro tour 203mm 5
A spectacular final round with Slavik, Beaumont, Derbier and Prokop, made ​​every one of them should feel the skin on the circuit. Finally not a cut in the first corner by Prokop and Beaumontd error, made ​​the victory away to Slavik, followed by Prokop, Beaumont and Derbier.
4x pro tour 203mm 7
Females participated in the finals Katy Curd, Oetjen, Gros and Monika Hrastnik. Katy made ​​a very clean and simply drop simply do not look back, being the runner ROSE BIKE clear winner of this test, Gros Oetjen second and third.
A spectacular edition that leaves everyone waiting for the next to be held in Fort Williams next June 8. You can see the rest of the photos in the Flickr de Charlesthetog.
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