Video andalucian DH champs by 203mm

We leave the video that we made in last year's Andalucia Downhill Championship 2013, held at the new Bike Park of Sierra Nevada and valid for Bull Bikes Cup 2013. A resounding victory for Moises Navarrete and a circuit that took center stage for the numerous punctures were the main characteristics of this race.
A peculiar group song called Everything Everything Cough Cough, certainly not leave you indifferent, you either love or hate.

Race Report Open Asturiano Descenso at Deva 2013 by Javier Martinez

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Here is the race report by Javier Martinez, from Open Asturiano de Descenso that took place at Deva. A race won by Eric Portillo. Pics by Javier Gutiérrez.
"On Sunday 17th april it took place the Open Asturiano de Descenso 2013 at Deva Gijón:  DH Deva 2013.

cabecera javier martinezThe circuit was short, about a minute and a half, pretty fast and despite having quite pedaling several areas, there were also areas of roots, cambers and several rocks linked to the circuit were quite technical.
The competition began on Sunday but on Saturday afternoon, many riders were on track to train some drawn up around the circuit on foot, until at 18:00 am, a truck started making lifts organization. On Saturday I made some 8 or 9 downs and feelings for Sunday were pretty good.

The competition officially began Sunday at 9:00 began the lifts but at that time there were no people, it seems that on Saturday night gave much of himself, perhaps too but surely this benefited us who woke up early to enjoy one morning session.

Dev javier martinez 203mm 2
Throughout the morning did not stop riders appear, but thanks to the 4 trucks of the organization to the lifts, was not expect any type of glue. The circuit started breaking, some fell cambers but we must congratulate the organization and rapid intervention to fix them and they were ready for the race.
With about 6 or 7 downs that all morning I went to lunch with my teammates and other friends. Admittedly that is the positive side of racing, reacquaint with friends and enjoy the company of colleagues who enjoy the DH.

Dev javier martinez 203mm 3
The first race started at 15:00 with great attendance which focused on the middle of the circuit, as it was the most colorful and banked on a plateau bound to put on a show.

Dev javier martinez 203mm 5The best time for this leg marked him Saul Martin Rodriguez. The other favorite, Eric Portillo suffered a fall in a zone of roots But at 17:00 they started the second round in which Eric traced by a time of 1:21,487 and becoming under 23 and a winner, winner scratch competition. A 1.603 seconds Saul was Martin with a time of 1:23,090, second fastest scratch. The local broker Kevin scratch Fernandez placed third with a time of 1:24,280.

In Saul won elites followed by Fernando Martín Prida (a true showman) and Ronald Jamarillo third position. In under 23 the best time was to Eric Portillo, second and third Gonzalo Fernandez Kevin Melendi. The first was for Junior Since Aitor López Case with a time of 1:25,245 and was also fourth scratch. The second place went to Adrian Campo Bilbao and my great teammate Emilio Gutiérrez Viñuela climbed to third escalón.En cadets Pedro Esteban Tapia Trek, climbed to the top of the podium, second and third Marcos Quintela Andrés Díaz. With a time of 1:33,204 at only 300/100 of the podium, I placed fourth.

Resto de los resultados: 

For me it was a great weekend with good time and mine. I want to thank my parents for taking me to my teammates not to mention Javier Gutierrez for their photons. Thank you very much also to 203 mm and Here you have some fotazas Javier Gutierrez and finally a circuit onboard video. Greetings to all from Leon!


Video Bad Dream by MRT

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mrt news video
We leave the new video produced by Mountain Ride Tours with Roa to the head, a super fun edit of that we are sure will surprise you. An original intro, a good choice of music with great rhythm and two exceptional riders, show you the local spots where MRT does its work and assure you, it is better to see in person. 
mrt video 203mm 1
"Bad Dream is the title of the new video of MRT, this time the three chosen as protagonists include two downhill champions Spain last season:  Iraitz Etxebarria  (under 23) of Team Scott Spain, Dani Olarra (cadet) of Team 203mm and not forgetting the renovated Scott Gambler (2013).
Both riders are from Bilbao and participate in national races supported by the Scott team, among other sponsors. The spot chosen for filming has been one of the winding woods Basques, where there was always a variety of trails for all tastes and levels. "

DH Morata de Tajuña Campeonato de Madrid 2013

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The next Campeonato de Madrid de Descenso will take place at Morata de Tajuña on May 4th and 5th. A second edition that you don't wan't to miss and that will count with Iván Oulego.

IIdhmorata2013 203mm

This is the register LINK at Federación Madrileña de Ciclismo. The price is 25€ for those who has their license and 32€ for the rest.

You can register until 2nd May at 20.00h.

SUB 23

The schedule is as follows
Friday 3rd
Track Walk

Saturday 4th
Free training from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00
Sunday 5th
Track opens at 8:00
The firs run will start at 9:30 

The prizes are

Masculino – 1º 120€, 2º 60€, 3º 40€, 4º 25€ y 5º 20€
Femenino – 1º 120€, 2º 60€, 3º 40€, 4º 25€ y 5º 20€

Tras la entrega de trofeos y premios se realizara el sorteo de material y regalos por parte de los colaboradores LTM Racing, Mejor Bike, Specialized, El Gallo, Di Vico, Bike Republic, Endura, Bikesupport, Mammoth, Trescatorceshop, Harobike, Red Ant 360, Five Ten, MyBikeSport, Factor X, Downhill Designs, Make Your Road, The Big Print Shop, MTN Lab, Vanesa Kakis y  Frutas Huertas.

Toda la información del evento disponible en el BLOG DE LA ORGANIZACIÓN y en su FACEBOOK.


Video nacional DH Adrenalin por Guillermo Acín

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It's nice to lay off the week with a national video of this quality, is guilty of this work and its name Guillermo Acín Adrenalin DH. It stars Sebastian Rodriguez and Rodrigo Carranza using as a wonderful location Zaragozano spots.
No doubt Guillermo has to make video tutorials teaching the Flycam use, but certainly the pace he has and the quality in general is hard to teach when it grows just inside. Very good camera movements and a fun circuit with two riders with a great Flow, this video makes us surprised from the first second.
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