Video and results from DHU Santo Tirso 2013 by Bernardo Joao

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On July 7 HUD has taken place in Portugal Santo Tirso, a Downhill Urbano with a high level of participation and significant support and deployment by its organizers and sponsors. Something we are not used in the Spanish national scene.
With José Manuel Borges vicotorias elite, followed by the Junior Gil Nuno Azevedo and Valerio Marques Mendes Machado in the same second, it was a competition rather than adjusted. We leave the results Scratch and video that has been carefully worked Joao Bernardo, hilarious, showing us what that looks like the circuit and the great event which is to Santo Tirso.


Video DH Challange Maçanet de Cabrenys 2013

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Here's a video recorded by Manel Cabot and edited by Jusep Cuberes. The video comes from the DH Challange Maçanet de Cabrenys 2013, the third round of the DH Challange.
A great video with interviews to Pablo Moreno, Cesar Rojo, Alex Marin, among others. The standing Spanish Champion, Bernat Guardia, took the victory. You can take a look to the clasification at this LINK.

Race Report La Fenasosa Fun Cup #1

Our 203mm DHTeam Rider Marko Fernández went to  La Fenasosa Fun Cup 2013 and took the victory. This is the first of three races and Marko achived the 1st place  Elite and 2nd Scratch.


A great organization by the guys at la Fenasosa. Thanks to our sponsors Scott and Spank and the Spanish distributor Melic Bikes for their support. The pics belong to Vicente Flores.

banner team dh

"Last weekend was held in  Fenasosa Bike Park the first Fun Cup race with about 60 runners. The track chosen for the race was track number 7, a technical track, with lots of stones and big jumps that make this a  perfect trail for a race of this nature.

fenasosa fun cup 1
Saturday practice uneventful, just a couple of injuries without serious consequences. The fast lifts allowed for large number of downs, something to be welcomed as it allowed everyone to enjoy without long queues and very smoothly.
fenasosa fun cup 2
As always at La Fenasosa, the atmosphere was very familiar and warm, which counteracts the tense atmosphere usually found in Downhill racing. This allowed the riders would care more about doing many downs and enjoy that pressure to do good on the Saturday.
fenasosa fun cup 3
Sunday dawned with a fantastic sunny day, far from the rains in recent weeks forced to delay the date of this great event.
fenasosa fun cup 6
The first race started at 12:30, which gave great scope to train the circuit before the first drop timed, something quite unusual and greatly appreciated, as it allowed the first run to meet the lesson well learned.
fenasosa fun cup 5
Among the favorites for the win were WC 4x Rider Javi Guijarro, Lampi, Mario Perez, Alex Orbán and although do say so, myself. Really wanted to do something important in this competition, after the bad experience with a hard fall at Gouveia because of the mud and the lack of major races nationally.
fenasosa fun cup 8
After completing the first round, the surprise was Carlos Haro standing in first position with a time of 2:36 followed by Javi Guijarro and Lampi. This left the bar very high to try to give everything in the second round.
fenasosa fun cup 7
In the second race the local rider Borja set the fastest time while the Elite category riders tried to snatch the Hotseat. One after another passed through the finish line without success and finally it was my turn.
fenasosa fun cup 9
I had a good run with just a small bump on his fist against a tree, but I just lost a few time and put myself first elite. I did not get beat Borja time staying just 0.10 sec. 
fenasosa fun cup 11
There were the best times of the first leg to come, but none improved the rider of La Fenasosa / Wild Wolf. Lampi beat Carlos Haro time of the first leg and placed in second position Elite, while Carlos could not improve his time due to a fall.
fenasosa fun cup 14
I really wanted to go to The Fenasosa since I had never been there and was pleasantly surprised by how fun and completeness of their circuits.

fenasosa fun cup 12

The circuit No. 7 was very fast and rocky, so it was very easy to get a flat tyre and stay out of the race. The jumps were really fun, and you had did not wait to throw you upon arrival to the finish line.
fenasosa fun cup 13After Saturday's training sessions we were a while to Foam Pit to beat us a few laughs, although DH bike is not the best machine to do it, the fun was assured. Nor missed the opportunity to ride the new line of Supercross, with big jumps and a line for those with higher level that will leave you open-mouthed.
fenasosa fun cup 10
Certainly I wont miss  the next race that will take place on 22 and 23 June. We assure you that worth enjoying any weekend of the circuits and the new lines that have created our friends in Fenasosa.
fenasosa clasificacion 1

Congratulate all participants for the good vibes and the organization, especially to the entire family for a wonderful The Fenasosa initiative. Congrats!

fenasosa clasificacion 2


Race 1 Enduro Race Fox Ainsa

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At Ainsa it will take place the  1st Enduro Race Fox, in the Zona Zero trails.
cartel enduro race fox ainsa
The race will take place by the month of July, the training will take place on saturday 6 of July and the race will take place on Sunday 7th of July
You can sign up at Planeta40. Here's a video of the trails.

2 Open EnduroAstur BTT 2013

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The second race of Open EnduroAstur 2013 will take place on May 19th. 
cartel Enduro Astur Illas Gorfoli 2013
You can sign up at Open EnduroAstur BTT until 14th may. The inscription fee is 30€ without license and 20€ for those with a valid license.
The length is 26km around Pico Gorfolí y with  4 stages. Here's a little video.

Video promo Fenasosa Funcup 2013 6th Edition

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6th FUN CUP.jpg bis copia
We remind you that next weekend will be the 6th edition of The Fenasosa Fun Cup 2013. After his change of date due to weather conditions. This weekend we'll enjoy a downhill competition, failing so anxious Open of Spain. From organizing promotional video comes this, which makes it clear that in their trails fun is assured.
Tenéis toda la información sobre la competición en este LINK. Marko Fernández participará en dicha carrera como representación del 203mm DHTeam, patrocinado por Scott España y Componentes Spank.

DH Morata de Tajuña Campeonato de Madrid 2013

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The next Campeonato de Madrid de Descenso will take place at Morata de Tajuña on May 4th and 5th. A second edition that you don't wan't to miss and that will count with Iván Oulego.

IIdhmorata2013 203mm

This is the register LINK at Federación Madrileña de Ciclismo. The price is 25€ for those who has their license and 32€ for the rest.

You can register until 2nd May at 20.00h.

SUB 23

The schedule is as follows
Friday 3rd
Track Walk

Saturday 4th
Free training from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00
Sunday 5th
Track opens at 8:00
The firs run will start at 9:30 

The prizes are

Masculino – 1º 120€, 2º 60€, 3º 40€, 4º 25€ y 5º 20€
Femenino – 1º 120€, 2º 60€, 3º 40€, 4º 25€ y 5º 20€

Tras la entrega de trofeos y premios se realizara el sorteo de material y regalos por parte de los colaboradores LTM Racing, Mejor Bike, Specialized, El Gallo, Di Vico, Bike Republic, Endura, Bikesupport, Mammoth, Trescatorceshop, Harobike, Red Ant 360, Five Ten, MyBikeSport, Factor X, Downhill Designs, Make Your Road, The Big Print Shop, MTN Lab, Vanesa Kakis y  Frutas Huertas.

Toda la información del evento disponible en el BLOG DE LA ORGANIZACIÓN y en su FACEBOOK.


Race XX Gran Premio Sant Andreu 2013

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Ya están confirmados dorsales con nombres tales como: Guardiá, Spagnolo, Etxebarria, Carballo, Oulego, Pekoll, Vargas. sin duda el XX Gran Premio Sant Andreu será una vez más la gran fiesta del Descenso y tendrá lugar el próximo fin de semana 9 y 10 de marzo.
The official debut of our dh team the 203mm DH Team will take place at the most famous Downhill Race in Spain Sant Andreu 203mm DH Team. Our partners  The Bike Village will be there to help out with the set up of the bikes and selling components and parts.
This is the complete planning for the race:
Saturday 9:
9:00-14:00 & 15:30 a 18:30 .- Inscriptions.
9:30 a 13:30& 15.00 a 18:00.- Free training sessions.
20:30 a 22:30.- Party!.

Domingo 10:
7:30 a 8:30.- Official training session.
8:45 a 9:00.- Opening leg.
9:00 a 11:30.- 1ª Clasiffing leg.
12:00 a 14:30.- Final Leg.
15:00 a 15:30.- Podiums.
Feel free to ask for further information at
Here's the video we made last year

1st Catalunya Enduro Cup at la Selva

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The first date for Catalonian Enduro championship it's confirmed. It'll take place at La Selva (Girona) on May 12th, 2013.
The track is placed at L'esparra, Riudarenes, and has a length of 21 Km, with 4 specials and 1.000 meters of drop. It will start at 8:00 am with 30 seconds between riders and a max of 240 of them. 
It's price is 25€ for licensed people and 30€ for not licensed. We hope that it grows the number of enduro races along this season. 
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