Race Report II DH Lambespiñas Marin 'Open Gallego' by Lanvo

Our fellow collaborator Lanvo bring us the race report and pics from the DH Lambespiñas, Marin, Open Gallego.
The second round of the Open Gallego de DH 2013 went to Marín, Pontevedra, a city with a big commercial port at the south of Galicia.
toni ferreiro 2 lanvo 203mm
Toni Ferreiro (XMS Racing)
The weather was threatening rain from days ago and everyone was carrying his tires with spikes in their vans knowledgeable about what to expect on Saturday, but the thing was not so, and except for some very light rain shower at noon did not only act presence, if not we could enjoy a wonderful afternoon of DH.
The lack of rain and that this will happen by Marin made ​​the previous days on the sleeves timed the appearance of the ground were excellent, with a very good grip.
gozumbi lanvo 203mm

The circuit began in an area free of vegetation, where trees were cut down almost entirely, which made ​​the fast withereth wind field and in turn this was somewhat lacking grip loose and the rest of the circuit. After the first section we entered the dense forest area, very very nice part of the circuit at the same time fun, where riders were comfortable and did not hesitate to provide entertainment to a grateful audience that packed the mount marinense.
aaron caballero lanvo 203mm
Aaron Caballero (School Riders Team)
Jano caamaño lanvo 203mm
 Jano Caamaño (Singletrack-Intense-KpSport)
As for the race itself, had a common denominator that leads him to be in the final races of the Open Gallego not only but also in the Taça races in our neighboring Portugal, and that common denominator is called Toni Ferreiro. He came to Marin with the confidence that give the seconds it inflicted more pointers riders Portugal, did not disappoint and scored a great time in both races timed 2.28.904 being the better of the last race. After him a recovered Jano Caamano, who came to Marin for his first race of the year, after a rough season with a shoulder injury that left him KO for the first tests of the Championships. Yet this year showed that goes for all and after a first round with a fall a few meters from the exit, marked a second round of scandal, ending a few time 2.1 seconds behind Toni, being also the first U23. The third occupant of the podium was very clear who was going to be, and although this time it took a little more Aaron Caballero, took third place not without leaving his spectacular driving style which delighted the public in Marin, Aaron ended also second in the U23 category. The podium in this category would complete one Gabri Alonso always spectacular.
podio élite lanvo 203mm
In Sub23 Jano Caamaño beats the fastest time, followed by Aaron Caballero and Gabriel Alonso in third place.
 The Junior Category winner was the Portuguese Fernando Jorge Silva with a time of 2.41.146, followed by Yonatan González and Cesar Sánchez.
podio  lanvo 203mm

At Master 30 Manuel Verdía was the favourite, but the local José Montenegro raced home, Verdía took the first place with a time if 2.42.512, with Borja Caneiro in second place  and José Montenegro third. 
podio m30 lanvo 203mm

Master 40 was won by Marcos Araujo, Senior by José Manuel Tomé and cadet by Andres Quintela
Here you can take a closer look to the clasifications


toni ferreiro lanvo 203mm
 Toni Ferreiro (XMS Racing)
bernardo losada lanvo 203mm
 Bernardo Losada (Lanzalia)
Alejandro vila pazos lanvo 203mm
 Alejandro Vila (Xtrembike)
Gustavo boubeta lanvo 203mm
Gustavo Boubeta (Raposo FR)
jose montenegro lanvo 203mm
 José Montenegro (MotoBike P.C.)
pablo salgueiro lanvo 203mm
Pablo Salgueiro (4x)
ruben piñeiro lanvo 203mm
Rubén Piñeiro (Arteixo MB3)
ruben puime lanvo 203mm
 Rubén Puime (LK Team)
yago feradas lanvo 203mm
Yago Ferradas (Lambespiñas C.D.)
Finally I want to thank everyone that makes this sport, from the organizers, who put all their effort to bring these forward race, the riders you show your passion for the sport by participating in these races despite the bad times we are going, he gives you incredible merit.
Thanks to everyone for making each race a gathering of friends and live unforgettable moments.
toni ferreiro back lanvo 203mm
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