Race Report La Fenasosa Fun Cup #1

Our 203mm DHTeam Rider Marko Fernández went to  La Fenasosa Fun Cup 2013 and took the victory. This is the first of three races and Marko achived the 1st place  Elite and 2nd Scratch.


A great organization by the guys at la Fenasosa. Thanks to our sponsors Scott and Spank and the Spanish distributor Melic Bikes for their support. The pics belong to Vicente Flores.

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"Last weekend was held in  Fenasosa Bike Park the first Fun Cup race with about 60 runners. The track chosen for the race was track number 7, a technical track, with lots of stones and big jumps that make this a  perfect trail for a race of this nature.

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Saturday practice uneventful, just a couple of injuries without serious consequences. The fast lifts allowed for large number of downs, something to be welcomed as it allowed everyone to enjoy without long queues and very smoothly.
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As always at La Fenasosa, the atmosphere was very familiar and warm, which counteracts the tense atmosphere usually found in Downhill racing. This allowed the riders would care more about doing many downs and enjoy that pressure to do good on the Saturday.
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Sunday dawned with a fantastic sunny day, far from the rains in recent weeks forced to delay the date of this great event.
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The first race started at 12:30, which gave great scope to train the circuit before the first drop timed, something quite unusual and greatly appreciated, as it allowed the first run to meet the lesson well learned.
fenasosa fun cup 5
Among the favorites for the win were WC 4x Rider Javi Guijarro, Lampi, Mario Perez, Alex Orbán and although do say so, myself. Really wanted to do something important in this competition, after the bad experience with a hard fall at Gouveia because of the mud and the lack of major races nationally.
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After completing the first round, the surprise was Carlos Haro standing in first position with a time of 2:36 followed by Javi Guijarro and Lampi. This left the bar very high to try to give everything in the second round.
fenasosa fun cup 7
In the second race the local rider Borja set the fastest time while the Elite category riders tried to snatch the Hotseat. One after another passed through the finish line without success and finally it was my turn.
fenasosa fun cup 9
I had a good run with just a small bump on his fist against a tree, but I just lost a few time and put myself first elite. I did not get beat Borja time staying just 0.10 sec. 
fenasosa fun cup 11
There were the best times of the first leg to come, but none improved the rider of La Fenasosa / Wild Wolf. Lampi beat Carlos Haro time of the first leg and placed in second position Elite, while Carlos could not improve his time due to a fall.
fenasosa fun cup 14
I really wanted to go to The Fenasosa since I had never been there and was pleasantly surprised by how fun and completeness of their circuits.

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The circuit No. 7 was very fast and rocky, so it was very easy to get a flat tyre and stay out of the race. The jumps were really fun, and you had did not wait to throw you upon arrival to the finish line.
fenasosa fun cup 13After Saturday's training sessions we were a while to Foam Pit to beat us a few laughs, although DH bike is not the best machine to do it, the fun was assured. Nor missed the opportunity to ride the new line of Supercross, with big jumps and a line for those with higher level that will leave you open-mouthed.
fenasosa fun cup 10
Certainly I wont miss  the next race that will take place on 22 and 23 June. We assure you that worth enjoying any weekend of the circuits and the new lines that have created our friends in Fenasosa.
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Congratulate all participants for the good vibes and the organization, especially to the entire family for a wonderful The Fenasosa initiative. Congrats!

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New 203mm DH TEAM with Dani Olarra and Marko Fernández

Some months ago we started to design how do we want to be our 2013 Downhill Team. Today is the day to present the 203mm 2013 Downhill team. New riders, new sponsors, more energy, this is the philosophy. 
cabecera team 203mm dh
We had a big list of candidates for join the team, and finally we could sign our favorites ones.  Regardless of the outcome, we are very pleased to have riders that convey what is essential for us in the world of Downhill, respect, personal growth and desire to have fun on the bike.
Dani Olarra has been for us the revelation rider in 2012 and although his race wins from afar, over the past year has become one of the most promising young national DH rider winning almost everything in cadet category 2012. We emphasize in their triumphs, be the Champion of Spain Cadet and Euskadi Cadet Champion. Certainly, for us it is a great pleasure to have Dani Olarra, both for quality within the circuit, and its great way to be outside and thank him enormously his confidence in this year 203mm.
dani 203mm 1
Marko Fernandez is our new Andalusian recruit for this year, his career is long and extensive where we highlight among many merits, it has been the best Andalusian ranked at the Spanish Cycling Federation 2012 chart, and his extensive experience in racing the UCI World Cup including  South Africa race last year. For us it is very important to try to support local riders and we are very happy to do so with a rider like Marko Fernandez.
marko 203mm 1
Really this project would not have been possible without the collaboration of the components brand Spank both internationally and through its distributor in Spain Melic Bikes and Scott-Sports Bikes.
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Having recognition from USA for a brand like Spank, is something that we are excited for because we are fans for many years of this brand for the quality of its components, such as aesthetics and manufactured product line. Wheels, handlebars, grips, stems, pedals, will be part of the technical support that we receive from the U.S.A equipment brand and its spanish distributor Melicbikes.
There's really little we can say about Scott, we are aware that without the support of this great brand 203mm project would not be possible. The result of this collaboration has been to address the project Team DH 203mm and can unify the efforts by both sides and creating a solid platform with the spectacular bike Gambler 2013. Having a bike of this caliber is really a treat, and as you can see in the photos, with Spank components in blue it looks rad.
We want to thank Antonio Ortega for the trust given to us every day and Scott for making us feel part of their family. Many thanks to all who have made ​​this project possible.
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