Big Ride Open Enduro Big Ride 2013 Regulation

Are you going to participate in the Open Enduro Spain 2013 and you're not sure how it works, you have no excuse. We leave the full Regulation Spanish Cycling Federation that will be implemented in the various venues of the Big Ride 2013. The basic rules you name them here and attach a file with the other information.
We will attend to all our new equipment and document 203mm Team Enduro races as they deserve. The basic rules are:
- Removal of number, control and chip card will be held in the race office.
- Federated Runners must leave their federal license in escrow to remove the chip. The federation should not leave 5 euros, repayable once the chip is delivered.
- Categories will be Elite, sub-23, master 30, master 40-50, cadet, junior and women. 
- The official clasifications will be shown 24h after the race. 
- At link stages it's forbidden external support. 
- Gear, carefully read Article 6 is mandatory hard helmet, gloves, knee pads for enduro races. Manzaneda Should be mandatory full face helmet on avalanche races.
- The race office will be open both saturdays and sundays race days 
- The tracks will be shown on Saturday
- The prize will be 2.000 euros.

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