Gee Atherton wins the first round at BDS

The BDS started this weekend at Combe Sydenham. Rain and Mud as expected.
british downhill series 1 podio 203mm
Gee Atherton launched his GT to the top of the podium.  Matt Simmonds got the second place. The third place was for Marc Beaumont, Joe Smith y Sam Hill got the 4th and 5th. 
On Women Atherton, Rachel,  won with a gap of 8 seconds over Manon Carpenter.  Tahnee Seagrave was third.
1st Gee Atherton, GT Factory Racing 2:42.049
2nd Matthew Simmonds, Chain Reaction Cycles/Nukeproof 2:44.168 (+2.119)
3rd Marc Beaumont, GT Factory Racing 2:44.265 (+2.216)
4th Joe Smith, Chain Reaction Cycles/Nukeproof 2:45.609 (+3.560)
5th Sam Hill, Chain Reaction Cycles/Nukeproof 2:47.415 (+5.366)
6th Harry Heath, 2:48.895 (+6.846)
7th Richard Thomas, 2:51.808 (+9.759)
8th James Swinden, Steve Peat Syndicate 2:51.999 (+9.950)
9th Adam Brayton, Team Hope Factory Racing 2:52.395 (+10.346)
10th Sam Dale, Madison Saracen 2:52.480 (+10.431)
11th Brendan Fairclough, Scott Sports 2:53.220 (+11.171)

1st Rachel Atherton, GT Factory Racing 3:06.029
2nd Manon Carpenter, Madison Saracen 3:14.263 (+8.234)
3rd Tahnee Seagrave, FMD Racing/Intense 3:29.807 (+23.778 )
4th Jess Stone, Unior Tools Team 3:39.114 (+33.085)
Esta claro que el nivel de descenso que se mueve en Reino Unido nada tiene que ver con las situación que vivimos en España. Triste, pero así es. Os dejamos con dos vídeos de la carrera: DirtTV y 

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