Bizkaian Downhill Champs Chronicle by Dani Olarra

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We leave the chronicle that has left our rider Dani Olarra after the third round of the Open de Euskadi and in Galdakao Bizcaia Championship (Los Robles DH), III Memorial Hector Spain Coca. Thanks to Scott and Spank for supporting us in this project and many congratulations to the organization, as to each of the runners.

banner dani 203mm 665

Finally, after two races featuring the mud and rain, dawned hot and sunny day which made the circuit were dry and very fast. Photos Itxaso Garcia.

Iraitz Etxebarria (Under 23) Team Scott Spain, once again, took the win scratch, followed by Dani Olarra (Junior) 203mm team and in third place the great Fernando Olaneta (Elite) Betibehera team.

Galdakao dani olarra 201
This circuit is short but very complete, has areas of all kinds, and in these conditions it became very fast and dangerous, as the trees pass very close, requiring a lot of concentration along the whole circuit.

Galdakao iraitz 203mm 2013
In workouts intended to make about 4 downs to catch up, but when I was doing the third down I found a loose stone in the middle of the circuit and had a fall. Besides multiple blows all over his body, I sprained my wrist and I could not go down all morning. After several questions about whether he would take part in the race or not, I decided to go down to where it would hold.

Galdakao dani olarra 2013
In the first race, I stood second to 1 second scratch Iraitz, following a fall clean his teeth and trying to forget the pain. In the second set, I was able to lower my time due to various errors and pain that it was more intense. Iraitz got down to 1 second time that secured his top spot me scratch followed by two seconds.

Very happy with the result and looking forward to more races. Congratulate the organization, Ivan White and Vincent Olarra, who made this great race. A hug to the family of Hector and wherever he is, you know you did not forget.

Results by Category:

Video Bad Dream by MRT

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mrt news video
We leave the new video produced by Mountain Ride Tours with Roa to the head, a super fun edit of that we are sure will surprise you. An original intro, a good choice of music with great rhythm and two exceptional riders, show you the local spots where MRT does its work and assure you, it is better to see in person. 
mrt video 203mm 1
"Bad Dream is the title of the new video of MRT, this time the three chosen as protagonists include two downhill champions Spain last season:  Iraitz Etxebarria  (under 23) of Team Scott Spain, Dani Olarra (cadet) of Team 203mm and not forgetting the renovated Scott Gambler (2013).
Both riders are from Bilbao and participate in national races supported by the Scott team, among other sponsors. The spot chosen for filming has been one of the winding woods Basques, where there was always a variety of trails for all tastes and levels. "

Race Gouveia International Downhill 2013

gouveia meta 203mm
Who said: "After the storm comes the calm", failed this weekend at the International Downhill Gouveia. The popular saying for the weekend would be "after Calm ... flee!". This phrase summarizes what we experienced this weekend, which premiered circuit for this edition.

Everyone portended that Saturday would live a wet training rounds, but to everyone's surprise it was not. In the morning the ground was wet and aroused some mud areas very similar to the concept "swamp" where riders and closed their eyes, praying to a God for not staying stuck. During the afternoon all riders enjoyed a spectacular grip on most of the circuit, enjoying to the fullest. The team Giant-CRC Nukeproof, SC-Intense, Madison-Saracen, Pombo, Toni and much, they put out the colors drawn attendees doing unthinkable in areas where the line was suposed to be clear.
marcelo gutierrez gouveia 2 203mm
Marcelo Gutierrez 
danny hart gouveia 2 203mm
 Danny Hart 
joe smith gouveia 203mm
Joe Smith
toni ferreiro gouveia 2 203mm
Toni Ferreiro
andrew neethling gouveia 203mm
 Andrew Neethling
A small training session with the Team 203mm scott spank riders, Marko Fernandez and Dani Olarra, and Scott Spain Gravity Team rider Iraitz Etxebarría , was the icing on the cake for a day that was arranging minute. We are all a grin thinking that Sunday would pass equally, but none presaged the hell that was to come. Iraitz crashed and was 29th position in Elite.
dani olarra gouveia 203mm
Dani Olarra
Marko fernández gouveia 203mm
Marko Fernández
The sky covered in gray and a soft rain, caressing our faces when we went to the streets on our way to the circuit. The worst was the cold weather in the upper circuit marked a temperature of 5 degrees accompanied by large amounts of water and where many riders decided not to participate for such harsh conditions. After the early morning we go, was beginning a first round in which the riders struggled to stay on the bike and get where the fact without kissing the ground was a great victory.

The circuit began with a technical area of rock and mud, which was better ensure and think that this was the beginning. The marshes became mud pools, and lotteries dropzone with few options emerge unscathed testing the skill of the riders. In the middle of the circuit was the most fun, the steper one and the place where almost anyone felt. As they approached the top 20 runners, we all thought in the stunning drop Danny Hart in the 2011 World Championships in Champery and surely would be like a fish in the water to see these conditions, but it was not. Matt Simmonds was a blow which hit the timer and marked the fastest time of qualifying to the surprise of all the spectators.
matt Simmonds gouveia 203mm
Matt Simmonds
danny hart gouveia 203mm
Danny Hart
Francisco pardal gouveia 203mm
Francisco Pardal

The worst was yet to come and a great hailstorm early in the second set, let us all face twisted thinking of how to react to so much water. Cars stuck in the mud in the paddock and a lot of mud that engulfed the foot step after step toward uptown thinking that the circuit would be the closest thing to hell.

Our riders DhTeam 203mm, were two of the many victims who fell, but thankfully without serious consequences. Marko Fernandez suffered a broken brake in the middle of the circuit that was complicated by its extreme form being down in 42 th in Elite. Dani Olarra fell further, but despite continued that with an 8th position in Junior category.

Marcelo gutierrez gouveia 3 203mm
Marcelo Gutierrez
After slightly improving weather conditions, runners came that marked the fastest time during the 1st run and suddenly stopped Marcelo Gutierrez 3:32,418 time. Even he was surprised by the descent very satisfied, as shortly after we acknowledged in an interview that from the first meter thought it was a losing battle, the fight against the terrain. 5 runners left to lose and all the sights on Danny Hart, Matt Simmonds and Sam Dale, but one after the other they could not do anything with the strength shown by Marcelo Guitierrez. First place for the Colombian followed by teammate Danny Hart and third Sam Dale.
sam dale gouveia 203mm
 Sam Dale
danny hart gouveia 3 203mm
Danny Hart
marcelo gutierrez gouveia 203mm
Marcelo Gutierrez 

Definitely the best Spanish was Toni Ferreiro we left on Saturday with a great feeling on the track and 7th position in Elite knows a great victory. One issue in which there lacked a high level of assistance but in which the star is awarded at any time the weather. Also highlight the performance of Spanish Juan Antonio Gutierrez with victory in the Master40. Congratulations!
toni ferreiro gouveia 203mmToni Ferreiro
We leave you with the Scratch classifications / categories and some pictures but it gives us the great Lanvo! Thanks for sharing such a nice picture with all of us. Soon we will have more available in  our Facebook



joe smith gouveia 2 203mm
Joe Smith
jono jones gouveia 203mm
Jono Jones
eric portillo gouveia 203mm
Eric Portillo
pedro silva gouveia 203mm
Pedro Silva
pombo gouveia 203mm
Emanuel Pombo
victor Suarez gouveia 203mm
Víctor Saenz Durán
marcelo gutierrez interview 203mm
Marcelo Gutierrez
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