Video and results from DHU Santo Tirso 2013 by Bernardo Joao

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On July 7 HUD has taken place in Portugal Santo Tirso, a Downhill Urbano with a high level of participation and significant support and deployment by its organizers and sponsors. Something we are not used in the Spanish national scene.
With José Manuel Borges vicotorias elite, followed by the Junior Gil Nuno Azevedo and Valerio Marques Mendes Machado in the same second, it was a competition rather than adjusted. We leave the results Scratch and video that has been carefully worked Joao Bernardo, hilarious, showing us what that looks like the circuit and the great event which is to Santo Tirso.


A Downhill Urban Cup in sight

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Gradually, the downhill is getting more and more popular, and becoming recognized by the public. We still have a long way to go. A major initiative is now in 2013, given the many major urban downhill races we have in the international arena. The audience is in the city and they like downhill races, this make the media coverage of our sport go soaring.
downhilll urbano 203mm
By 2014 they are thinking something like a Urban Dowhill World Cup : Urban Downhill World Cup would count, in principle, with 6 rows: Valparaiso, Lisbon, Santos, Paris, Rio de Janeiro and Bratislava (Slovakia). For now it is only a project but watching the video presentation seems to have very good looking and it will take place. Time will tell.

Marcelo Gutierrez Wins Valparaiso 2013 DHU

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Marcelo Gutierrez won the tradicional Valparaíso Cerro Abajo 2013 DHU, over Filip Polc. Giant's rider could recover from the defeat that he suffered some days ago at Santos DHU.
We congrat Cédric Gracia, for his great  4th place in his first race after his crash that took him 8 months away from the bike. 
The Overall Top 5 results at Valparaíso Cerro Abajo 2013:
  1. Marcelo Gutierrez, Giant
  2. Filip Polc, Evil
  3. Antonio Leiva
  4. Cedric Gracia, Santa Cruz
  5. Mauricio Acuña
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