Video Bad Dream by MRT

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We leave the new video produced by Mountain Ride Tours with Roa to the head, a super fun edit of that we are sure will surprise you. An original intro, a good choice of music with great rhythm and two exceptional riders, show you the local spots where MRT does its work and assure you, it is better to see in person. 
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"Bad Dream is the title of the new video of MRT, this time the three chosen as protagonists include two downhill champions Spain last season:  Iraitz Etxebarria  (under 23) of Team Scott Spain, Dani Olarra (cadet) of Team 203mm and not forgetting the renovated Scott Gambler (2013).
Both riders are from Bilbao and participate in national races supported by the Scott team, among other sponsors. The spot chosen for filming has been one of the winding woods Basques, where there was always a variety of trails for all tastes and levels. "

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