Report XX Gran Premio Sant Andreu 2013

We leave the chronicle that has made ​​Paul Moreno of The Bike Village, last weekend at the Grand Prix Rock Shox XX Sant Andreu. A spectacular event not to disappoint any of the attendees, or corridors or public, and where Bernat Guardia took the win again. You can see the complete classification in this LINK.
The day of the race from San Andreu de la Barca is a bit like that movie of the 90s called "The Groundhog Day" where Phil Murray relived every time he get up the same day that he had lived the day before, where  time only passes  for him. Every year, the same people, the same circuit, almost the same teams. The truth is that although this was depressing for Phil Murray I personally love it, is one of the reasons why I've been coming the last 14 years.

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It's been 20 years since the first edition of this legendary race and every time we do things better. Despite the crowd of runners assistance came to compete (360 registered) the lifts worked perfectly and schedules are met to the letter. We have to give a 10 to the organization who year after year, has managed to outdo themselves.
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Some of the best international riders came to compete at San Andreu as the runner-up Damien Spagnolo MS Mondraker Team, Markus Pekoll, or Robin Wallner. Missed some important figures that failed in this quote as the versatile Cedric Gracia.

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One of the main changes to note in regard to the Teams was seeing Bernat Guardia riding his new Intense. Finally we have a motivated Bernat with a new machine and eager to tackle a new season strongly. This may be his year.
sant-andreu-ruben-vigil-203mm 7
With a much more humble, 203mm attending his first official race of the seasson with one of his riders of the DH Team. Dani Olarra riding the Scott Gambler 10 and its components Spank, was super motivated and eager to see the first results on the bike.
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After heavy rains that were experienced by Barcelona during the week, the weekend had bright sunshine with temperatures typical of spring. Circumstances that encourage a good crowd to cheer from the entire circuit.

sant-andreu-ruben-vigil-203mm 9
Although Sant Andreu is a strange race for some top riders, it is their first official race of the season. Bernat Guardia won with his new Intense with ease and style to the last turn. It is worth noting the success of Roger Gonzalez of Fenasosa Wild Wolf, who took the podium in front of Frenchman Damien Spagnolo Mondraker Team. Although neither Roger nor Ivan Oulego (3rd) nor Robin Wallner could beat Bernat who took just under 1 second on a faster track than the previous edition, thanks to changes in the new jump close to the fiinish line.
sant-andreu-ruben-vigil-203mm 1

Ferran Jorba was fastest in Junior category, followed by Dani Olarra of 203mm DhTeam with just 2.5 seconds apart.  We expected to see the local rider Ferrán at the top ten of scratch but could not improve the time and settled for 12th place. Two great riders that we believe, are a safe bet for the future of the national DH.

sant-andreu-ruben-vigil-203mm 2
In cadet category Alex Marin scored an excellent standing lap of 1:55 9 seconds more than Bernat and 31 place overall. World champion Morgane Charre not disappointed and with a time of 2:01 got the first position in the pocket.

Another big surprise was  Carles Barcons  at master 40 who got in the top 30 overall. One more time the organization has shown that they can make quality events, with an influx of riders and public, and above all with love by the DH.Congratulations!
Here's a video from the event

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